Hi, I’m Sachi, and that’s not my dog.

My goals for this blog are to:

  • Log my thoughts and experiences as I travel.
  • Keep my far-flung friends and family in the loop.
  • Hold myself accountable to a regular writing practice.
  • Maybe write some stuff that other people find useful and interesting.

I’m taking a mini-retirement (i.e., I am funemployed) right now, and my goals for this stage of my life are to:

  • Be intentional with my time, energy, effort, growth, learning, and money. Live in alignment with my values and ambitions.
  • Travel broadly and deeply.
  • Become bilingual.
  • Pursue experiences that will prepare me for my next career moves.

Credit for my blog title goes to my friend Logan! Chosen because I’m an alliteration aficionado, and I also like the double entendre. Words are fun!

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